I Feel Like I Travel While Volunteering Here

by Pauline Lefeuvre

Pauline puts up a bulletin board

Pauline puts up our summer bulletin board, which promotes Conversation Hours as cool ice cream treats!

I came from France to the United States last August as an exchange student to the University of Maine. I had only been in Charlotte for two weeks when I learned about International House and the volunteer opportunities. I’m happy to be here volunteering in the Front Office. Actually, I have two volunteer roles. I’m also an English Tutoring Program Coordinator. I help tutors and students on Thursdays.

I gladly accepted the Director of Education’s proposition to help with tutoring because, while in Maine, I helped a French teacher as an assistant in her classes and I really liked it so it was a pleasure to be able to help new tutors working with their students.

I came to Charlotte to get away from the cold weather in Maine. I like the International House mission. It’s a multidimensional approach to address the challenges faced by newcomers.

I really like the concept of trying to solve every problem an immigrant can face when arriving in a new country: immigration issues, language issues and integration in general.

I chose the Front Office in order to be in contact with clients because I like talking to people from different backgrounds. I also wanted to practice my language skills in English and Spanish. I speak French, so that helps, too!

I like being able to meet people from the Republic of the Congo, Senegal, Mexico, Venezuela, Cote d’Ivoire, Korea (and a lot more) just by being behind the Front desk. I feel like I travel while working.

Editor’s Note: Pauline describes herself as a positive and dynamic person, always ready to learn new things and live the life to its fullest. This joie de vie includes playing soccer, running, biking, hiking, and learning new languages. She adds that her world traveling experience helped her learn to be more patient and relaxed. But her perfect day would be “waking up with a good orange juice, go jogging, have a nice shower and spend the day discovering a new city or region in a foreign country with some good friends. I would spend the evening eating Italian food and listening to bossa-nova music.” It sure sounds like she’s living life to its fullest! Merci, Pauline, for choosing International House to expand your intercultural experience!


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