Citizen Diplomacy Volunteer Recognized As Emerging Leader

CDP Volunteer

Nina researches sites and activities for international visitors.

Nina Saralidze is at International House once or twice a week. She helps to write proposals that our Citizen Diplomacy Program (CDP) Director sends to the U.S. Department of State that invite international visitors to Charlotte.

When 15 high school youth ambassadors visited from Argentina and Chile in March and April, Nina helped to set up activities that promote youth empowerment, leadership and environmentalism.

She coordinated the many lunches needed for their 11-day stay. Along with Johnelle Causwell and Carole Ward, who staff our CDP office, Nina accompanied the youth group to The Great Smokey Mountains National Park and to Cherokee, NC. (Photos of the trip are posted on the CDP Facebook page.)

Nina is from Georgia, a country in the Caucasus region of Eurasia. “I want to be a diplomat,” she said. “Volunteering here is giving me some insight into my future career.”

In February 2015, Nina participated in the Emerging Leader Program that the State Department hosts in partnership with Global Ties U.S. and Hostelling International Washington, DC. She met with leaders in the field of public diplomacy and attended workshops on topics including cross-cultural understanding, communications and human rights. She attended embassy receptions and met U.S. ambassadors.

“I was truly honored to have been chosen to represent Charlotte,” Nina said about her experience as a Global Ties Rising Leader.  “It was a great experience and it opened my eyes to new possibilities.”


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