I Feel Proud That I Have Helped Other Immigrants Like Me

Anggie in Rome at Fontana de Trevi.

Anggie in Rome at Fontana de Trevi.

By: Anggie Fernandez
Ginter Law Clinic Volunteer

My name is Anggie Fernandez, and I am from Lima, Peru. I came to the USA one year ago and started attending the English Conversation Hour at International House. I was looking for a place where I could improve my English skills. There, I met many people from all over the world, with a diversity of backgrounds, culture, and languages. English Conversation Hour helped me in improving my English skills. It was also a place to meet very nice people and make new friends.

Right after getting in touch with International House, I started volunteering in the Ginter Immigration Law Clinic. I wanted to get more involved with International House´s mission. Supporting its legal team made me feel productive and very proud that I have helped other immigrants like me to get integrated within the community of Charlotte.

My personal experience with the legal team of International House has helped me not only to start new professional challenges, but also to acquire knowledge, improve my English, and develop my vocation of service to the community.

I am very grateful for the experience and opportunity that I had with International House, and I hope many more people will be encouraged to be part of this adventure!

Editor’s note: Anggie is a former volunteer. International House staff members are grateful for her past service. We also thank Anggie for encouraging more people to participate in programs as both learners and volunteers.


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